Hi there! I’m Tamara Nazon (she/her), Dance/Movement Therapist and founder of Embodied Healing.


A little bit about my journey


I hold my master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and am part of the Dance/Movement Therapy Association of Canada (DMTAC) and the European Association of Dance/Movement Therapy (EADMT). 

I am from Montreal, Canada and have a Haitian family background. I speak and can hold sessions in French, English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. 

 I am also a dance artist and educator, having trained as a dancer for more than 20 years, and have been performing, teaching, and creating dance ever since.

 I have an active Youtube Channel, where I create movement-based self-care videos for everyone to experience the benefits of Embodied Healing from home.  I have also participated in interesting projects such as Crayola’s Creative Spa Day, an online event where I prepared a nourishing Dance Movement Therapy activity for teachers, as they recovered from a stressful year in the pandemic and been featured on Creative Therapy Umbrella’s Podcast.

I use a combination of mind-body approaches to healing to help you understand and express your emotional, physical, and spiritual worlds. I believe everyone has the innate ability to heal. Our bodies hold so much untapped wisdom and power. My mission is to help you reignite your connection to your body and see it as the powerful tool for healing, growth, and transformation that it is!

My Services:

My offerings include private Dance/Movement Therapy sessions and one-of-a-kind Healing Dance workshops. I also offer tailored well-being programs for companies, workshops for festivals, special events, and training programs.

Contact me at tamara@danceandmovementtherapy.com for any inquiries.

A lot of my therapeutic approach is informed by my own personal journey. Although dance and movement have always been a part of my life, it is only when I started developing a conscious connection to my body, and faced the (sometimes very difficult) messages it constantly communicates to me that my relationship with myself shifted. This journey is what brought me to create Embodied Healing.


What is Embodied Healing?

Embodied Healing is a community healing space that recognizes that our mind, body, emotions, environment, and spirit are in a continuous interaction. Changes in the way we feel in our bodies impact the way we think and modifications in the way we move impact how we behave.


Instead of separating each of these parts of ourselves and treating them separately, I strive to create a space where you can take a look at your whole self. Healing is not something we can think, talk, or read our way through. It is something we live, we experience. Something we feel deep inside us.

DSC00602 (2)

The Embodied Healing Journey is about bringing curiosity and creativity along in the process of unfolding deeper into yourself.

Embodied Healing has helped me move through and heal from things like trauma, chronic pain, limiting thought and behaviour patterns in more ways than I could have imagined. 

Inclusion & Accessibility

As a black woman, I know how lonely and confusing it can be to seek therapeutic help as part of a minority or under-represented group.

I am committed to creating a safer therapeutic space and adapting to the individual needs of each client to the best of my capacity.

I am part of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability (IDEAS) committee of the Dance/Movement Therapy Association of Canada and am continuously learning and growing on how to be a better therapist within the intersectionality of the human experience.

I am especially sensitive to themes of racial identity and gender oppression against women and girls.

My Work

Dance/Movement Therapy settings I have worked in:

Clinical – Intensive care hospital for adults suffering with eating disorders 

Schools – In groups and individually working with children and teenagers with diverse needs (including ADHD, autism spectrum, trauma, and themes of gender identity)


Community – Immigrant populations, marginalized communities


Private Practice –  Adult mental health, physical health (chronic pain/illness) 


Creative – Therapy for artists and dancers


Educational – Founder of unique workshops that combine Dance Movement Therapy, body awareness, and mind-body approaches

Areas of work:

Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD


Eating Disorders

Chronic Pain

Chronic Illness

Stress & Anxiety

Dancers, athletes, and artists

Autism Spectrum



Movement & Dance:

Healing Dance Class Founder

Conscious Improvisation

Body Awareness


 Grounding Movement

Power & Flow technique Founder

Movement Meditation

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or would like to book a session or other service, get in touch!

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