Tamara Nazon

Tamara Nazon


Hi I'm Tamara!

I help people achieve psychological, emotional, and physical transformation with a body-centric  approach.

I use a combination of creative movement, psycho-somatic techniques, and movement analysis to guide you into developing a profound connection to your body, while using movement to help you process and express what is going on in your emotional world.

As a Dance and Movement Therapist and professional dancer, I use an embodied approach to tackle the different challenges life throws at us and enable you to use your body as the powerful psychotherapeutic tool for growth and transformation that it is. 

Part of the Inclsuion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) committee of the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Canada, I am committed to create a safer therapeutic space, adapting to the individual needs of each client to the best of my capacity.

My Approach

Cultivating a strong relationship with your body, opening up to the transformative power of movement & dance, while gaining strong insight about how your mind, body, emotions, and behaviour interact are at the heart of my approach.

Being trained in body language and the analysis of movement (LABAN, KMP methods), and being very sensitive to the multiple layers of communication we have as human beings, I am receptive to all forms of expression – not only verbal. 

In that way, whether through my private sessions, workshops, or consulation services, I strive to create a space where curiosity and creativity are part of the process, as you unfold deeper into yourself.


How Can I Help?

Throughout my life, I was often resistant to seeking therapy because I felt it was so difficult for me to find the ”right” therapist. Not only were there very few therapists in my environement who looked like me, the thought of sitting in a reclining chair, in a silent room, talking to a stranger was a bit unsettling! Now, working in this field, I have come to understand that finding the right person and building a therapeutic relationship takes time. In that sense, I am committed to making the process ascomfortable as I can.

Most people who come to me are looking to find emotional and psychological support from an embodied perspective. By including your body and movement as an integral part of the therapeutic dialogue, we are able to access some deep rooted aspects of your internal world, revealing those that serve you and releasing those that do not. 

Do you sometimes:

Through our work together, I hope to support you in finding the the tools inside yourself to beging healing from what is holding you back from living a full and present life

My Experience

I hold my master’s degree in Dance Movement Therapy from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. I am part of the ADMTE (Spanish Association of Dance Movement Therapy) and of the DMTAC (Dance Movement Therapy association of Canada). I am one of the founding committee members of DMTAC’s IDEA committee (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility). I have also trained as a dancer form the age of 4 years old, and have been performing, teaching, and creating dance ever since.  Following is a little more about my experience working as a therapist, dance artist, and teacher. 


Dance & Movement

My inspiration

A lot of the approach I bring into my work is based on my own journey of self-growth and healing. Although dance and movement have always been a part of my life, it is only when I started developing a conscious connection to my body, and faced the (sometimes very difficult) messages it constantly communicates to me that my relationship with movement shifted.

I want to defy the concept of what it means to be a dancer, and accept ourselves as being movers.  If you’re a human then you are a mover and your body has something to say. A history to share. It has at once carried you and IS you. It is your home and your substance. Let’s dig in! 

Other fun facts about me!

I love cooking, making rituals, and drinking ginger tea! Dancing with my sister is one of my greatest joys in life! I love all things active, recently, I have been trying out slackline! Although dancing is my greates love,expressing myself creatively has always been my jam! Drawing, improvising on the drums are my go-to. I also love to spill my emotions on a blank canvas with some acrylic paint. Finally, there is always music playing around me, which is defnititely something I bring into my sessions. The right music is key into helping us tune into our bodies.