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Do you sometimes feel stuck?

Does the impact of things like:

old patterns, a restless mind, past traumas, and general overwhelm stop you from feeling free?

From being your full self?

“We have been so programmed to find answers outside ourselves, that we end up feeling disconnected, confused, and lonely.”

– Juliet Diaz

Most of us live in a fragmented state. So busy that we forget to pay attention to what we feel, let alone make space to express it.
We end up drained, full of bottled-up emotions, and disconnected from ourselves.



My name is Tamara, I am a trained Dance/Movement Therapist that provides emotional support services through body and movement-based therapeutic interventions.


1:1 Sessions

Bridge the gaps between your mind, body, and spirit through an embodied and creative healing journey..

Workshops & Classes

Sign-up to my Healing Dance Workshop, a unique movement experience where you heal in community.

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