Private Dance/Movement Therapy

You Are More Than Your Thoughts.
Welcome To A Space That Embraces All Of You.

In these Dance/Movement Therapy sessions, we will dive deep into how the things you think, feel, do, and say interact. 

We will strive to create balance, connection, and awareness of the different parts of you so you can live as your most authentic, free self and cultivate a sense of inner peace. 

How Will We Do That?

What To Expect During The Sessions:

The sessions include the following therapeutic tools & interventions.

Observation & Analysis of Movement

A big part of the healing process is to understand how your life story has impacted your body. I am trained in movement observation and analysis (LMAKMP), which uses different methods to describe, visualize, interpret, and document human movement.  

Human movement includes more than posture, facial expression and eye contact. Elements such as rhythm, time, space, weight, and intention all modulate the language of your body. We will explore how what you feel on the inside impacts how you move on the outside. 

Intuitive Dance, Movement, & Physical Expression

No choreography. No technique. No dance moves. The movement part of the sessions are all about connecting to the deepest parts of you and allowing your own intuitive movements to flow through to help you express your feelings and emotions. I will guide you through different movement explorations (visualizations, themes, free movement, movement meditations, etc.) and use symbolic movement and metaphors to give meaning to your emotional world. As you move forward in your journey you will become more empowered to recognize the way you want to move and tap into the wisdom of your own body. 

Verbal Expression

Here, words are used with intention. They help create links between your mind, your body, and your emotions. We use words to further process your felt experience during the sessions and to uncover links between your body, your thought patterns, your behaviour, and your personal story. Being able to express verbally some of the things you feel during the session helps you make powerful insights. You understand your experience deeper and see more clearly the changes or actions you want to take.

The proportion of physical vs. verbal expression varies depending on the session and client.  I always meet you where you are and adapt to your needs.

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Body Awareness

Helping you cultivate a profound relationship with your body is at the core of my approach. The same way your mind communicates with thoughts, your body is constantly communicating with you through sensations. By cultivating body awareness you will start getting comfortable with the experience of sitting with your body, tuning in, and listening to it. As you uncover how your body  reacts to fear, anxiety, conflict, uncertainty, etc. you will also make space to uncover the deep-rooted needs behind these sensations.  Different exercises such as breathing, bodyfulness (mindfulness of the body), mindfulness, self-massages, body scans, body mapping, etc. will help you become a master at understanding your body.

Creative Expression & objects

In addition to movement and dance, we use other creative forms such as voice, drawing, and journaling to help create a bridge between your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We also use symbolic objects to help you externalize and express your experience (e.g. using a light scarf to explore the theme of freedom). Other types of objects used include sensorial (smells, textures, etc.), sensorimotor (massage balls, rollers), and supporting (pillows, blankets, etc.). We rekindle your sense of play, creativity, and imagination, allowing you to use different mediums to experience being yourself. PS: Music is one of the most important elements of my sessions – Inspiring sounds create inspiring movements 🙂

Therapeutic Setting

 Dance Movement Therapy draws knowledge from different theoretical frameworks such as psychology, psychotherapy approaches, somatics, neuroscience, sensorimotor and developmental movement. This helps align your exploration with therapeutic goals and within the context of a therapeutic relationship. 

This is not a dance class, a well-being program, or a feel-good movement class. This is a safe space to cultivate an open, honest relationship with yourself and begin the (sometimes challenging) journey towards healing.

How Can Connecting To My Body Help Me Heal?

Your body never lies. Connecting to your body means understanding the deeper truths behind your experiences and identifying your core needs.

This is where the transformation happens. When you tap into your innate ability to heal. It is a journey back to your authentic self.

Is This Right For Me?

My sessions often attract people who have experienced other forms of therapy in the past, but feel like something is missing. They intuitively know that their emotional experiences affect their bodies and vice-versa, but do not really know how to tie all of this into healing. Others are curious about expressing their internal worlds in a creative way and are ready to explore facets of their being beyond the traditional therapeutic setting. 

I offer support for people who experience things like:

-Trauma, PTSD, or C-PTSD

– Eating Disorders

– Anxiety, stress, burnout, overwhelm

– Lack of energy, motivation, or sense of purpose

– Feeling numb, dissociated, or disconnected from yourself or your body

– Grief (of a lost one, of a relationship, of a part of self)

–  Managing symptoms of depression, ADHD, and other mental health issues

– Themes of racial identity and oppression

– Chronic pain (the mind-body interactions of your pain)

– Curiosity: Wanting to get a deeper sense of who you are (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)

– Creative blockages (artists, and creatives)

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Want To Embark On Your Embodied Healing Journey?

Here are the details:

Thank you for your interest in wanting to work with me!

At the moment, I am not taking on new clients, but you are welcome to email me at to get on the waitlist or for more information on other ways we can work together (group online sessions, courses, etc.). 


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