Consultation & Programs

Embodiment Consultation For Mental Health Professionals

Have you ever felt like the tools you acquired in your own therapeutic approach feel short in answering your clients’ needs?  In my consultation sessions, I will help you amplify the impact of your sessions by developing body and movement-based tools and techniques to support your clients in their healing journeys.

Consultation will be completely adapted to you and your clients' needs. Some of the themes we may cover include:

Who Is It For?

If you are at a point in your career where you are interested in integrating some elements of embodiement or Dance Movement Therapy in your work, but do not know where to start, this is for you! I work with a variety of professionals including: art therapists, play therapists, cognitive behavioural therapists, psychodynamic therapists, music therapists, clinical psychologists.

Do not hesitate to book a free consultation and see if this is a right fit.

How Can It Help Me?

A large part of the therapeutic relationship happens at a non-verbal level. Similarly, most of the  events and challenges that bring people to therapy leave a physical imprint on the person. For example, traumatic events can leave long-lasting impacts on our nervous and hormonal systems, creating physical responses (stress, anxiety dissociation, numbness, pain)  from the body everytime it feels triggered or overwhelmed.

Some clients may feel stuck in traditional talk therapy because they are not able to verbally process some of the conscious and unconscious physical aspects of their experience. Learning to welcome the richness of the human body experience in therapy can pivotal in your clients’ healing journey.

The consulation process also includes an exploration of your connection to your own body, and tools and exercises to see how developing this connection can have a positive impact on your work.

Wellness & Mental Health Support For groups, companies, and organisations

Support your employees’ mental health, wellness, and coping skills through tailored movement-oriented programs.


Employee Support Groups

Groups are a powerful way to harness the power of mutual-support, and improve communication, empathy, and understanding. Managing the mental health of your employees or members, is pivotal at fostering healthier environements both in and outside the work or group-space.

In my tailored programs, we use a combination of verbal and movement-based exercises to offer the best possible support to your group. Whether this means, weekly movement meditation sessions, empathy-centered workshops, or self-care groups, we will co-create the best solution to answer your needs.

If you are a business, company, organisation, or simply have a group in mind you think may need support, do not hesitate to contact me!

Some of the programs may include:

If you are looking for an effective way to provide your employees with some extra support to cope with the everyday stressors of the workplace, book a free consultation below.

Why work with the body?

Working with the body and using movement in a therapeutic group setting, allow for a lot of hidden dynamics, pent up emotions, and release to come to the surface, without the pressure of talking. These programs may range from being completely movement based, to combining verbal and movement-based exercises, finding the perfect balance and coomfort-level for your group. Also, including movement in your group’s routine can significantly improve their mental and physical health, by improving physical pain, reduce workplace stress, and provide a supporting platform for challenges to be addressd.